You are currently viewing the group administration section of LimeSurvey.

From this point you can view and control this particular group of your survey. You can also add new questions to your group or select an existing question from this group to view or edit.

Button Options:

Edit Group: Click on this to edit details of the current group.
Delete Group: Click on this to delete your group. This button will only display if there are no questions in this group.
Reorder Questions: Click on this to reorder the display of the questions in that group.
Add Question: Click on this to add a new question to this group. This button will not be available if the survey has been activated.


Adding a New Question
Click on to add a new question to your survey.

You can add as many questions as you like to each group in your survey. When you click on the "Add New Question" icon, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to enter a Question Code: which is a required field, and is used to determine the order in which questions within a group are displayed. The question code can be up to 5 characters long. Questions are ordered by this code alphabetically. The Question: field can be as long as you like and will contain the actual question that is presented to the survey participant. In the Help: field you can type a help message that will appear below the question and its associated answer options. The Question Type: field is a selectable list that contains the different types of pre-defined questions available. A detailed explanation of these questions is provided in the instruction manual. You can set a question to Mandatory: to ensure that a participant cannot move away from that question, or submit a response, without having answered that question. Certain question types will also allow you to put a "Y" or "N" in the Other: field. In these cases, the question will have an additional answer, of "Other".